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The AIDS Server project

This on-line resource helps to enlarge your knowledge and shows the ways how you may protect yourself.
The AIDS Server is based in the Czech Republic.

Other AIDS and HIV+ Resources

Getting help in the Czech Republic

Dům světla (The Lightouse / Czech AIDS Help Society)

Prague Lighthouse is a safe place for anybody whose life is influenced in some way by HIV infection or AIDS irrespective of age, sex, sexual orientation, religion and race. The Lighthouse provides social services and solves problems connected with discrimination, prejudices, and lack of information. Prague Lighthouse encourages the change of attitudes to the HIV Positive (HIV+) people, provides temporary and asylum accommodation for HIV+, provides legal, psychological and social counselling, runs a help line, carries out free and anonymous HIV tests for risk groups, organises various cultural and sport events, provides rehabilitation programmes, alternative therapies and provides also care for HIV+ people residing outside of the Lighthouse.
The Lighthouse is operated by the Czech AIDS Help Society (NGO).

Dům světla
Malého 3/282, CZ-186 21 Prague 8, Czech Republic
– next tram/metro station: Florenc
– phone: +420 224 814 284
– phone: +420 800 800 980 (AIDS Green Line)
– e-mail: info@aids-pomoc.cz

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HIV and AIDS continue to affect the lives of millions around the world. Until a vaccine or a cure is found, our greatest weapon against HIV/AIDS is knowledge.


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